Monday, June 21st, 2010
2:27 PM
So a few weeks ago, almost on a whim, I decided to build a list featuring Logan Grimnar.  This immediately got me excited for a few reasons.

First, I love how character centric the Space Wolves are as an army, and there are few characters grander than the Great Wolf.  Secondly, Logan would really change the way my army plays - game-wise, he's oddly as powerful a supporting character as he is a close combat beast.  Finally, it would be chance to add a new centerpiece to my constantly growing Space Wolves collection.

Games Workshop's Logan Grimnar

Now if I weren't so creatively inclined, I could have just bought GW's model and painted that up.  But that would cost me $20, while I have a relatively large stockpile of unused terminator bits laying around.  Also, while the sculpt certainly isn't the worst GW sells, I jump at any chance to add something unique to my army.  So I sat down at the hobby table, surrounded myself with bits and jumped into it.

This was what I came up with:

Logan Grimnar 1.0

Sorry for the lack of step by step photos.  As you can see, the torso, legs, right arm, shoulder pads, and cape are straight from the Wolf Guard Terminator set.  The left arm comes from a Grey-Knight terminator captain.

For Logan's head and distinctive hair, I used a head from the older Space Wolves accesory sprue, braids from a Chaos Marauder horseman, and some greenstuff.

I wonder who braids his hair?

Assembling Logan's body only took me an hour or so.  His iconic axe, Morkai, took me many times that.

I used the following to kitbash together Morkai:
2x old school space wolf power axes
2x new space wolf double-handed power axes
2x space wolf wolf-claws
1x space wolf terminator thunder hammer
1x chaos warrior weapon

Ridiculously complicated weapon? check

Lower haft / arm: space wolf terminator thunder hammer
Middle haft: old power axe (cable removed)
Axe heads: two double-handed power axe heads (blades removed)
Axe blades: old power axes (again)
Gemstone: cut from the wolf-claw
Tip of axe shaft: bottom cap to old power axe
Axe head supports: taken from a chaos rider weapon (split in half, one on each side)

With Morkai done I whipped up a quick lava / obsidian base for Logan to stand on, and the construction was done (or so I thought).  All told, it took me about 5 hours total to get Logan to this point (a fair use of a Sunday, if I do say so myself).

Coming soon... Logan's Afoot (Part 2): The Paintening