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Plastic Space Guys

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Sunday, October 24th, 2010
2:18 PM
So I've been a bit lax on the updates, mostly because in between working on hobby stuff I've been:
Out to Seattle and back
Down to New York City and back
Throwing a birthday weekend for my awesome girlfriend

Here's a quick summary of progress I've made:

Helmet:  Some material gathered, nothing solid yet.
Armor:  Dress form constructed, newspaper template in progress.
Uniform:  BDU's dyed, other miscellaneous items acquired.
Weapons:  Nerf Longshot and Maverick COMPLETED (except for optional bits)
Backpack: Still mostly vapor-ware.

Nerf Longshot:

I started (as usual) by dismanteling it and then sanding down the Nerf logos.  The parts were primed with Krylon gray spray paint.  I also removed the pistol grip/trigger from the front barrel extension.  But before I could start painting there were two small things I needed to correct and one tiny addition.

First, for some reason, the top of the detachable part at the front is open and looks a bit unfinished.

Unseemly gap's gotta go.

 So I made a quick slated cover to fit.  I first traced the dimensions of the opening onto a bit of poster paper, then measured out angled slats (in can see the template beneath the gun in the photo above). This pattern was then transferred to a piece of plasticard and cut out.

Here's the cover in place, albeit, temporarily.

The second adjustment to make before painting was to close up the insides of the bipod legs.  Just like the barrel cover, I first traced a pattern onto poster paper, cut it out, test fit it, then transferred that to plasticard.

The last change to be made was adding connection points for a rifle strap that I would add later.  I picked two locations, one on the front extension piece, the other on the bottom of the pistol grip. There, I drilled out holes large enough to fit drywall anchors.

After these modifications were done, it was finally time to begin painting the beast.

Here's a quick breakdown of my painting procedures (GW = Gamesworkshop paints, P3 = Privateer Press):

Red (main body parts):
1) Base-coat with 50/50 P3 Khador Red Base and P3 Sanguine Base.
2) Heavy wash with 50/50 GW Devlan Mud and GW Baal Red.
3) Highlight with P3 Khador Red Base

Brushed Metal (secondary body parts):
1) Base with 50/50 GW Chaos Black and P3 Greatcoat Grey.
2) Dry brush with GW Boltgun Metal.
3) Wash with GW Badab Black.
4) Highlight with GW Mithril Silver.

Here's a shot of the wash drying on the red body sections.

Gunmetal (barrels, some details):
1) Base with GW Boltgun Metal.
2) Wash with GW Badab Black.
3) Highlight / Drybrush with GW Mithril Silver.

Brass (nuts & bolts,piping):
1) Base with 50/50 GW Scorched Brown and GW Shining Gold
2) GW Shining Gold
3) GW Burnished Gold
4) Highlight / Drybrush with 50/50 GW Burnished Gold and GW MIthril Silver
5) Wash with GW Ogryn Flesh.

Black (grips):
1) Base with GW Chaos Black
2) Midtone 50/50 GW Chaos Black and P3 Coal Black
3) Highlight with previous mix and just a touch of P3 Menoth White Base.

1) Multiple coats (atleast 3) of clear matte acrylic sealer.
3) 2 - 3 Coats of Future Floor Acrylic (glossy) to the red bod parts.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted most of the in-progress shots I had of these steps (grr...) but here's a close up of the front segment that illustrates most of them:

The barrel and brass couplings were painted first, then the finished parts were assembled.

I also added a few brass etched Inquisitorial emblems to add a bit of detail and cover up some spots where Nerf logos had been removed.

The last part I tackled was the scope.  I had read online that it was relatively easy to simply pull off the plastic end caps to dismantle the scope... well, those are lies.  I had to chop the larger cap at the front into about 8 pieces to get it off.  I did all of this so I could tint the lenses of the scope green.

Green? Yes.  Transparent? Not so much.

In a small plastic container I mixed some Future Floor Acrylic with GW Thraka Green wash.  I then dipped the clear plastic lenses into them, about 3 times.  I would have rather used food coloring, but we were out, so I settled on the wash.  Unfortunately, the wash proved to be a bit too opaque and while the lenses are nice and green, they're not so functional any more (not that it was a functional scope to begin with).

With the scope completed, all that was left was to add the rifle sling.  Using the holes I had drilled earlier, I pushed in dry-wall anchors and secured them with a quick-setting epoxy.  After it was set (but not completely dry) I simply screwed the sling anchors into the drywall anchors.  I finished them off by sealing the outside with left over epoxy.

And voila, the finished product:

And oh yea, did I mention I completed a matching Maverick as a side-arm?

I think they go quite well together, don't you?

Until next time, space cowboys.