Friday, January 27th, 2012
9:08 AM
A bit of a disclaimer before I start here, these conversions are shamelessly copied inspired by those done by LuckyNo.5 over on the Eye of Error blog.

Here's GW's original model in a squad of three (as I plan to field them):

I don't know what GW's sculptors were thinking... but apparently one of them holds a secret desire to choreograph Broadway dance numbers.

I set out using Privateer Press Hordes Legion of Everblight Warspeers as the body, then added a nice mix of left over Talos bits, and did some crude greenstuff sculpting to round out the bodies.

This guy is probably my favorite: the pose is dynamic and menacing and I just love those arms.

Here's one equipped with a liquifier gun - which does exactly what it sounds like it would.  Also - evil jazz hand!

Here's the Aberration squad leader.  I wanted to give the impression of him driving the others forward with the tentacle.  His claw arm can also represent a special close combat weapon, if need be.