Sunday, June 10th, 2012
11:26 AM

Here are some shots of a 3-man strong Hunter squad from Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz table top game.  I've loved the Heavy Gear setting ever since I player the PC game way-back-when.  As far as mech games went, it was fairly unique.  Instead of lumbering building-sized mechs (like say Battletech/Mechwarrior) Heavy Gear featured small, fast "Gears" about 15 feet tall.

The Blitz tabletop game has gone through a couple iterations, and I'd love to try it out (these minis were part of the two player starter pack, that also came with a full set of rules).  It seems more tactical than 40k, where the focus is on squads, rather than platoons / companies (a bit like Warmachine, now that I think about it).

The "Headhunter" acts as squad leader and sports a light autocannon and rocket pod.

The two Hunter squad-mates are equipped with a snub cannon and medium autocannon.

All in all, these minis were a lot of fun to paint.  They're about the same size as a 40k space marine, but because of the smaller scale are a little simpler to paint.  I had a few small issues with obvious seems - they're metal cast models from most-likely aging molds, but nothing a little filing and liquid green-stuff couldn't take care of.

Next I hope to complete the accompanying Southern Jรคger Gears.

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
12:35 AM
Here's something I've been working on for Catherine.  They're minis for a dungeon crawl boardgame called Super Dungeon Explore.  These are two of the stalwart heroes, the Royal Paladin and the Claw Tribe Barbarian.

The models are "chibi" style - which is basically a super exaggerated (for the sake of cuteness) form of anime.

Because the game is inspired by old school dungeon crawl video games, I tried out a method called non-metallic metals.  NMM uses blended regular matte paints to simulate shining metallics.

Modest is apparently not highly valued amongst the Claw Tribe...

We haven't gotten to try the game out yet, but we're both looking forward to it - I just finished assembling all the bad guys this past week.

Monday, January 30th, 2012
12:48 AM

Friday, January 27th, 2012
9:08 AM
A bit of a disclaimer before I start here, these conversions are shamelessly copied inspired by those done by LuckyNo.5 over on the Eye of Error blog.

Here's GW's original model in a squad of three (as I plan to field them):

I don't know what GW's sculptors were thinking... but apparently one of them holds a secret desire to choreograph Broadway dance numbers.

I set out using Privateer Press Hordes Legion of Everblight Warspeers as the body, then added a nice mix of left over Talos bits, and did some crude greenstuff sculpting to round out the bodies.

This guy is probably my favorite: the pose is dynamic and menacing and I just love those arms.

Here's one equipped with a liquifier gun - which does exactly what it sounds like it would.  Also - evil jazz hand!

Here's the Aberration squad leader.  I wanted to give the impression of him driving the others forward with the tentacle.  His claw arm can also represent a special close combat weapon, if need be.

Tuesday, December 06th, 2011
3:19 PM

Hah! Finally finished a full squad of Scourges - Skyrim be damned!  These guys took a long time (about a month) - but I've had a lot of distractions between homework, dragon slaying and delving deeper into the madness that is collecting boardgames...  However, they were a ton of fun to put together and paint (as has all of the Dark Eldar stuff I've touched so far.

As I mentioned last time, Scourges are vain and decadent, even by Dark Eldar standards.  So what better why to honor that, than by sacrificing a few of the Emperor's Finest to decorate their bases.  This first one here was made of a leftover biker-marine body with the hands rotated.  And if you're curious he's from the Ultramarines' 2nd Company.  If you're not familiar with GamesWorkshop or 40k, the Ultramarines are pretty much the poster boys of all that is good and holy.

Bonus points if you can guess what I used to pick which feathers to shade blue.

Note the shard round lodged in his sternum.

Squad Leader complete with head and swappable arms.

These guys were all pretty top-heavy, so I glued some fishing weights under the bases to sure them up.

Double special weapons (also swappable).

I've nicknamed this squad "the Crows" which would make this a murder

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